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    We want you to be in control

    io player™ is the most reliable
    and most cost-effective
    mediaplayer on the market

    Digital Signage at its best.

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    Our COVID-19 response

    carennTV - Box

    Alert/community messages, and visio-conference on residents/patients/common areas TV screens
    at Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Living Facilities, and Hospitals.

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    Always On™

    on any screen (connected or not) and anywhere

    Anyone in your organization can use our tools without technical skills

    Always On™ is the FIRST NON INTRUSIVE emergency messaging platform worldwide.

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About us

io projects has 15 years of digital signage experience with its cloud-based solution for digital marketing in the retail industry.

We have been a pioneer from the very beginning and offer both modular and individualized IT solutions as SaaS (Software as a Service). A wide range of hardware in the form of screens, touch devices, TV steles and video walls, which can be used in conjunction with the software packages as a one-hand solution - to make digital marketing a child's play - round off the company's portfolio.

When we developed one of the first cloud-based and most powerful signage systems in 2002, we had a lasting impact on the market. Through constant further developments, scalability and mapping accuracy were achieved, which for the majority of our competitors was and will remain unmatched. While they vie for your attention with large, colorful pictures and loud advertising campaigns, even though they can only offer a simple broadcasting system, we have tried in a proven underdog manner for technical market leadership.

18 years later, we are without a doubt the specialists for cloud-based, digital marketing. With our location in Berlin (D), and through our partners in Lyon (F) and Cambridge (UK), we ensure short reaction times in day-to-day European business.

Another location in Wilmington, Delaware (USA) has just been inaugurated and will lead our international development through strategic partnerships with global players.

Don't waste your money on overprized and old technology

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io player™

io player™ is the plug and play solution for digital marketers. Serving multiple messages on multiple screens -- fully customizable and editable content in real time.

When your digital marketing system is powered by io player™, it’s a game changer

  • Render content in real time on the player
  • Simply plan interactive content sequencing to play the right ads at the right time
  • Display content 24/7. No downtime due to media updates
  • Download and update new content simultaneously. No service interruption
  • Interact API - configure the runtime of ads to provide tailored offers to a customer
  • Computing power of a full-fledged PC
  • Operated via LAN or WLAN
  • Linux OS + Cloud CMS
  • Power consumption of only 5 watts
  • Full HD content (images, videos, HTML5)
  • Secured by 128 bit WPA2 encryption
  • Open service gateway
  • Comprehensive DMS monitors and controls entire distribution network efficiently
  • Plug and play solutions compatible with current monitors, TV’s, tablets and mobile devices, or custom hardware created for specific marketing needs
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fully responsive

The CarennTV™ smart box connects between the regular source (e.g. Cable TV Box, Apple TV, Firestick) and the TV Set. The camera & microphone are clipped on top of the TV.
No remote, no Keyboard, no mouse, and no touch screen.

CarennTV™ smart box

In light of Covid-19, taking precautionary measures has emphasized long periods of social isolation for seniors in assisted living facilities, senior living facilities, and hospitals.


  • Higher contagion risks living in community
  • Higher issues with overall mental well-being
  • Additional medical costs and nursing support
  • Loneliness negative consequences
  • Higher depression rate
  • Higher death rate


Seniors are not familiar with modern ways of communication. Computer, tablet, smart phone, mouse, keyboard, Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc… are not well known and easily used by elders.

Our solution is lifting the technology barriers.

  • Emotional & Health support
  • Community and Family connectivity
  • Social and Physical activities engagement
  • End-of-life support
  • Improve overall well-being
  • Improve family interactions
  • Decrease Loneliness negative consequences
  • Decrease emotional effects of physical isolation
  • Decrease overall frustration

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always on™


  • the right message

  • to the right location

  • at the right time and

  • to the right audience

fully responsive

We enable EMERGENCY MESSAGING on any screen (connected or not) and anywhere

The Solution

Our Plug&Play Solution

Simply plug the Always On™ Box between your existing source (DS Mediaplayer, TV Box, DVD player,...) and your screen. No need to install software or modify your current platform.

Always on™

Always On™ Box is always connected to our central emergency management backend. The second you launch an important message, all targeted screens will replace the current content. The message can also be triggered by a sensor or a camera!

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Passionate about the perfect solution for our customers

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Martin Ruffert


+26 years of experience launching and managing technology firms in 5 countries (FR, DE, CH, BE, US)
Proven track record in e-commerce, appliances, and digital signage.


Mario Mischewski


+13 years experience as project manager and IT engineer (FR, DE, BE)
Working on large IoT projects (Birmingham University, Mercedes Benz - Europe)


Marc Cohen


Proven track record as sales and business developer in the tech space
+ 35 years of experience in the Hospitality industry
Worldwide distribution specialist


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